Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Map and Bible Land Image Resources

Atlases come in handy for our lesson preparations, but sometimes it's difficult to adapt what we find in a book for use as an overhead transparency or PowerPoint slide. I've stumbled upon two helpful on-line resources that solve the problem of creating map and Bible land images for us.

The first is Heartlight's Here are just a few of the tools this web site offers for free to any user:
  • a searchable Bible (by key word or reference; searches in over twenty translations)
  • daily Bible reading plans
  • daily devotionals
  • "Today in Christian History"
  • commentaries
  • Bible dictionaries
  • Bible encyclopedias
  • concordances
  • lexicons
  • historical literature
  • "Sermon Jazzers" (anecdotes and humorous illustrations)
  • over forty FREE PowerPoint Bible maps!

The PowerPoint Bible maps alone are worth the visit to this site. They're well done and ready for teaching use. If you don't have PowerPoint you can print the on-line images directly onto transparency film for use as overheads.

The second site where you can find free maps and photos of Bible lands and other Bible images (e.g.: an Olive tree; a cubit; Mount of Olives, etc.) is This site boast all kinds of additional resources as well.

When you have a chance, investigate these sites. I think you'll find that both provide useful and practical helps for teachers.

Every little bit helps!

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