Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bible Study Methods

As leaders and teachers it's easy for us to use the same methods of Bible study over and over again. Usually it's because we've found whatever methods we use to be reliable, comfortable, and user-friendly.

Sometimes, however, the same-old-same-old routine leaves us feeling flat and lifeless after we've encountered the Word of God. The same could be said for our students. Try spicing up your personal Bible study time (or that of your students) by trying new study methods.

Where can you find new and different methods of study? Try these resources:

These sites alone provide dozens of methods of Bible study. But if you'd like more options, trying these book resources (links take you to Amazon's book store). I own them and use them regularly for finding Bible study options to offer my students.

Personal Bible Study Methods: 12 Ways to Study the Bible on Your Own by Rick Warren

Discipleship Journal's Best Bible Study Methods compiled from past issues of DJ

The Navigator Bible Studies Handbook compiled from methods the Navigators have used for over 60 years

How to Study Your Bible by Kay Arthur (a summary of the inductive study method)

Between these book resources (some of whose contents you can view in part at and these web site offerings, you should be able to find a new way to approach the Scriptures or a old way with a new twist. Either way, trying something new may bring new life to your encounters with the Word of God.

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