Thursday, March 03, 2005

Christian Research Institute: Another Great Resource

Well, I'm back. :o) And since I've returned I'm more convinced than ever of our need to be solidly grounded in an intelligent faith: Bible knowledge, theology, doctrine, and application.

While I was away I encountered mature believers who, though they knew much Truth, struggled to apply it. Sometimes the difficulty was individual will (they didn't have the will to apply what they knew). Sometimes the difficulty was forgetfulness (they forgot to apply what they knew). But sometimes the difficulty was ignorance (they didn't know the Truth well enough to apply it).

One of the organizations I've encountered that best pursues the goal of equipping Christians with an intelligent, Bible-based, appliable faith is the Christian Research Institute (CRI), headed by Hank Hannegraff, the voice behind the Bible Answer Man radio program.

CRI offers a number of excellent resources on countless topics, including difficult-to-answer questions about our faith. One resource, the Christian Research Journal, tackles today's controversial issues head-one. Though non-subscribers cannot access the current issue's articles, past issues of The Journal are available on-line to anyone and are organized by topic. CRI also provides a solid summary of Christianity's essential doctrines and more detailed explanations of specifics of the faith.

The CRI Resource Center offers resources (for sale) in several media types (hardcover books, softcover books, audio tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc.) searchable by over twenty-five categories (e.g.: apologetics, Christian doctrines, Christian classics, cults, evangelism, eschatology, ethics, science and the Bible, world religions, etc.). These resources are well-researched, historically accurate, biblically grounded treatments of various topics. They make great references for teaching on everything from the Resurrection to Spiritual Warfare.

CRI is dedicated to equipping believers (hence their web address: I think you'll find their resources quite helpful.

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