Saturday, March 05, 2005

Christianity's FAQs

Sometimes people in our studies have basic questions about the Christian faith, the Bible, the Christian life, theological or doctrinal issues, or other questions we can't address within the limits of our classes or study groups.

While we might discuss these questions with inquiring individuals one-on-one, sometimes it helps to direct them to other resources that might answer their questions.

Evangelical pastor, Bible teacher, and best-selling author Johh MacArthur of Grace to You Ministries provides answers to dozens of Christianity's FAQs at the Grace to You web site. Click here to access this web resource.

You'll find answers to questions like these:

Is my Bible really free from errors?

Which Bible translation is best?

How can I be sure of my salvation?

What is God's will for my life?

If God is sovereign is He responsible for evil?

Using careful biblical exegesis, John MacArthur answers these and dozens more questions covering everything from suicide to sanctification.

Take a peek at this web page; I think you'll find it helpful (or perhaps your students and disciples will).

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