Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Featured Site:

If your looking for a one-stop-shopping site for Christian resources of all shapes and sizes, try Loaded with links, this site offers Christian clip art, jokes, cartoons, puzzles, desktop wallpapers, shopping, news, name it; it's probably there.

I recommend this site, not because you'll find so many links or so much Christian "stuff" (something that usual bugs me), but because of it's Bible Study resources page. In addition to several translations (though fewer than other sites offer), this page offers access to writings from Christian history (e.g.: Josephus), classic works from figures like John Bunyun and Augustine, biographies and autobiographies, topical Bibles, Bible dictionaries, commentaries, and thousands of sermons and articles in which you can find ideas or illustrations for your lessons.

I'm not one who likes banners and blinking ads, but don't let the heavy Christian advertising on this site's opening page fool you; it's loaded with helpful resources (and almost no advertisements on the resource pages).

I hope you find something useful there!

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