Friday, February 23, 2007

Reasons Behind Disillusionment

I don't usually do this kind of thing, but after stumbling upon these sites, I felt they were too important not to pass on to you.

So...if you care about people who become disillusioned with Christianity, or want to know why some people leave the Church, check out these two web sites:

Letters from Leavers (actually run by two seminary students studying why people leave)


Fair warning: the second site ( is run by non-believers ministering to exChristians. What you read there is real, but not pretty. The first (Letters from Leavers) has posted guidelines, including things like no swearing and not slandering others, so you can find honest replies without too much objectionable content.

Both, however, provide great insight into why people leave church or the faith.

If you're working with or ministering to an embittered soul, these sites might give you a window into how the disillusioned think.

But do pray as you read these sites, lest you give the enemy an opportunity to plant seeds of doubt.

I offer these only as a means to broaden your understanding of the the lost.

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