Saturday, March 04, 2006


Sorry about the last post. Oooops! That was supposed to be published on the web log site I do about living with our three Labrador retrievers (called Lab Tails).

But after rereading what's posted here, though I'll repost it there later, I think there's a lesson in that entry that applies not just to Lab owners, but to Bible study teachers, too. Well two lessons, actually.

Lesson 1: Details, though they aren't everything, can be very important. My Lab Tails blog entry ended up on this blog because I was sending photos and failed to notice the destination link at the top of the page had changed from its norm (my default destination setting is for Lab Tails since I post most photos there). The last time I posted here I sent photos, so I changed the setting, but failed to change it back again. One mouse click was all it would have taken for the blog post to have ended up in the right place: one little detail.

Sometimes, in our hurry to prepare or in our passion to make a point, we skip details for the larger issues. My "oooops" reminds me that it's important to notice details and to think through lessons carefully before I entrust them to my students and group members.

Lesson 2: Teaching, like life with Labs, comes with both the good and the bad. To experience one, we must be willing to accept the other (just like to experience the good of my Labs I have to accept things like muddy paws--it's just part of the territory).

So that's it; those are my two brief lessons learned.

Oh, maybe there's one more lesson here, too: Redemption. Even our mistakes can be redeemed: God is big enough to use it all for His glory and our good.

'Til next time,

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