Friday, April 15, 2005

Thought Provoking Lists Make Great Teaching Tools

My apologies for my recent two-week absence. Life's been a bit crazy, but I haven't forgotten you! I'm back now, and will be posting regularly again.

And I'm continuing to learn about new (and new-to-me) resources that can enrich my teaching.

One group of teaching illustration resources I've discovered recently are those countless books of lists on the market today. Wow, are they filled with topics that can generate great discussions! Here are just some of the list books in which I've found useful teaching prompts or intriguing discussion starters:

Checklist for Life: The Ultimate Handbook (2002, Thomas Nelson Publishers)

Lists to Live By: The Christian Collection (2004, Multnomah)

List to Live By for Smart Living (2002, Multnomah)

Lists to Live By: The First Collection (1999, Multnomah)

I have found these books clearanced at overstock book sales, second-hand novelty shops, and public library used-book sales (have yet to pay full price for one). The cheapest cost only 50 cents; the most expensive was $5.97 (far less than retail). I'm sure you can find them on sale, too.

And they are loaded. Their lists cover topics like these: wisdom; virtue; sin; prayer; marriage; success; leadership; rest; forgiveness; time management; handling criticism; building character; memorizing Scripture; endurance; contentment--you name it; it's probably covered in one of these lists.

Sometimes I use the lists "as is" (duly credited, of course) as a resource handout for my students; sometime I adapt the lists to suit my lesson-planning needs (again, duly credited). Sometimes I just use the lists to springboard my own thought process.

In any case, I think these lists can stimulate our thinking and foster creativity in our teaching.

I hope you find them as useful as I've found them.

'Til next time,

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