Monday, April 25, 2005

Leader Quote of the Week - April 25, 2005

"Faith is that attitude in which, acknowledging our complete insufficiency for any of the high ends of life, we rely utterly on the sufficiency of God....It is an act which is the negation of all activity, a moment of passivity out of which the strength for action comes, because in it God acts.
--C.H. Dodd

I have to agree with the insight provided by twentieth-century British theologian and biblical scholar C.H. Dodd (1884-1973) in his quote above.

Until we realize that we, even as leaders, cannot change hearts or give someone understanding—until we realize our insufficiency—we won't rely on God (the only true heart-changer and source of all understanding) as we should.

Dodd’s words are a wake-up call for me this week. How much do I really rely on God alone to accomplish life change in the hearts of those I serve? How much do truly realize how insufficient I am to do anything of eternal significance in and of my own resources?

May God give us grace this week to realize our inadequacy and to rely on His sufficiency in all we undertake.

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