Monday, February 21, 2005

On-Line Resources and Software

Okay. I'll admit it. I'm a book person. And a paper person. There's just something about the feel of pages beneath my fingertips that brings out the creativity in me. That's why my office is loaded with books, many of which I use in my Bible study lesson preparations.

But I'm a computer person, too. And I've found some nifty computer resources (on-line and in software form) that have made my life as a Bible study teacher easier.

The best of the on-line Bible study resources I've found are listed as links on the right side of this web page in the sidebar entitled Bible Study Tools. These sites contain just about anything you could want or need by way of Bible study references. Take some time to familiarize yourself with what's available. Though there may be a small learning curve to begin with, you'll find that these resources save time in the long run. To check out these sites, all you have to do is click on the links I've provided, then explore!

I've found software tools to be helpful, too. Though there are many excellent Bible software manufacturers and tools out there, the one I prefer is NavPress Software's WORDSearch with LESSONMaker, STEP compatability, and Zip Script features (co-published with IExalt). I have the package entitled the WORDSearch Discipleship Library with a bunch of add-ons, but Navpress and IExalt offer many different combinations covering many different price ranges. You can check them out at the WORDsearch home page or Christian Book Distributors.

An additional piece of software I've enjoyed (an add-on to the above that can be used on its own) is the Discipleship Journal Anthology, again a Navpress product. This CD-ROM contains nearly all the content from past issues of Discipleship Journal dating from 1981 to 2000 (issues #1 through #120). The searchable anthology comes in WORDsearch compatible or Logos editions, and has been a springoard for ideas and lesson preparations on a host of subjects for me.

I should admit that I'm partial to DJ. I've read the publication since they started in the early 80s and have written for them quite a bit over the last six years. I value their commitment to biblical integrity, their passion to equip believers, their heart for missions, and their willingness to take on challenging topics. It's a great publication--one I still receive in magazine hard copy form. And being able to search (via computer) back issues for topics on which I'm teaching and speaking is a dream-come-true for me. Before, I plodded page-by-page through old hard copies; now I can search with the touch of a button.

Logos makes some good software, too. I just happen to prefer WORDsearch. Others use Logos and highly recommend it. My suggestion would be to investigate both product lines and decide what suits your need best. For me, WORDsearch fits the bill.

In the meantime, don't forget to check out the on-line resources I've listed in the sidebar on the right. You'll find plenty to keep you busy there.

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HerWryness said...

Discipleship Journal is one of my faves. DJ was a great starting place when I taught Adult New Believers.