Tuesday, February 22, 2005

ANNOUNCING: "Featured Site"

I've added a new feature to this blog: a sidebar offering called "Featured Site."

The "Featured Site" section on the right will contain a link to a new, excellent on-line resource I've stumbled upon and highly recommend. I'll try to highlight a new featured site at least twice a month.

This week's "Featured Site" is John Piper's site Desiring God. This outstanding resource offers all kinds of helps for Bible study teachers or leaders:

  • An On-line Library (on-line line book references)
  • An On-line Study Desk (a ton of Bible study aids and tools)
  • Weekly audio sermons (you can listen on-line)
  • Daily radio broadcasts (you can listen on-line)
  • The "Fighter Verses" Bible memorization system
  • The complete English Standard Version of the Bible (ESV) and 25 other versions on-line
  • Daily devotionals
  • Today's News and Links sections
  • Easy-to-use search features that allow you to search the site by topic.

Just the On-line Study Desk feature is worth the visit to this site.

If you've never read John Piper's works, I'd encourage you to do so; his is a unique and penetrating voice that drives us out of complacency into deepening relationship with God--the true God of the Scriptures who if far greater and more wonderful than we know. You'll find no superficiality, quick fixes, or "cheap grace" here.

Please note that when I visited this site, the "store" feature (where you can purchase products) was not operational. This, however, did not affect my ability to search the databases or to use the on-line resources.

So, check out DesiringGod.org. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

That's it for now,

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